How to Grow Edible Flowers

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How to Grow Edible Flowers - Provided by eHow
Growing edible flowers requires the same care as normal flowers, but special attention should be paid to avoid using any chemicals that might harm people if the flowers are eaten. Research which types of plants and flowers are edible with help from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk about how to grow edible flowers. Now there are so many plants in the world that are edible and so you can grow them pretty much like any other plant that is edible. So there is a few rules when growing any plant that you need to follow. First you need to give them good composted good organic soil. You have got to give them lots of light because they need some kind of light to grow and they need water. So saying that that is pretty much all that plants need to grow. But when you are growing edible flowers you want to make sure and never use any chemicals because you want to make sure that everything is natural in your garden so no pesticides, no herbicides, no fertilizers, nothing but organic material because any chemicals will get into your flowers and you don't want those into your body. So even plants like tulips are a great edible flower. So you want to do your research too when you are growing your flowers. You can use chrysanthemums or you can have different types of roses and pansies and violets and all types of mums are great for your edible garden. But there are different types of plants that you might think are edible that might be poisonous. So do your research and really look on line or look in your plant books when you are growing edible flowers to make sure that they are truly edible and that you are not going to make a mistake and grow the wrong varieties and actually have something that is poisonous. But I have found pretty much any plants that deer will eat are edible but adding edible flowers to your meals you'll not only have a gorgeous flower that will make your meal look more beautiful but it will be edible as well.