How to Repel Flies With Herbs

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Repelling flies with herbs is possible by sprinkling dried herbs and spices, such as cinnamon, cayenne, curry or oregano, around an area or by keeping fresh sprigs of strong-smelling herbs in arrangements on the table. Keep flies away instead of killing... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to repel flies with herbs. Now flies have been here longer than we have and they have a place in our world. They break down other dead animals and they have a purpose just like we do. Do my theory right from the get go is I try not to kill any animals or any insects in my yard because they belong here as well as I do. But you can set boundaries for them and that's the key. So the first thing you gotta remember when you're repelling flies is make sure the inside of the house has no air breaks to the outside, nowhere where those flies can get in. So make sure you've got screens on all of your windows, screens on your doors, any gaps in the holes or in the house that could the cable comes through and the flies can go through there. Just put some glue in there and cover it up. So make sure that there's no access to insects. And if you have a nice deck area and you're having a nice dinner party and there's flies everywhere, there's a couple things that you can do that can help. But there's really no full proof cure. So first off, you gotta remember that flies are either looking for moisture, water or sugar or some kind of fruit or food. So if you don't have any water or food available to them then they'll move on. So always make sure every thing's really clean and make sure that there's no way or that, or don't give the flies a reason to come in to your kitchen. But if you're having a barbecue and you have a lot of flies around, a lot of times just sprinkling some herbs, whether it's cinnamon is a good one, cayenne pepper is a good one, curry powder is great, oregano or lavender oil or even putting sprigs of thyme around your table, a lot of times that will repel the flies because they don't like the scent. Even spearmint, apparently the flies don't like the scent of spearmint. So if you break up all the spearmint or use it in different arrangements or put it on your table next to your food, a lot of times the flies won't come near because they don't like the fragrance or the smell of the mint. If the flies are bothering you on your body and personally, just by putting some lavender oil on your skin that's exposed, a lot of times the flies won't come near you because they do not like the smell of lavender. So there's different types of herbs that you can use whether it's lavender or rosemary or thyme or mint, most of these herbs the flies don't like. So, it's not a full proof method of ridding your area from flies. But it helps and it's worth the effort.