The Pitfalls in Comparing Gardens

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of expert village. In this section we're talking about flower gardening. And next we're going to talk about a really good tip. Why not to compare your garden to everyone elses garden. And I always say, it's again like throwing a party. You can't compare your party to other peoples party. And from year to year. So, sometimes plants will come up one year and they'll be beautiful and then the next year they'll come up and their really wimpy. And you're like, what in the heck happened. And then the next year they're really good again. So, sometimes plants have a year off and they don't look that great. Just like your friends. Sometimes people show up at your Christmas party. One year their just floating on air because they just got married. the next 5 years later and they're just sitting in the corner by themselves because they've gotten through a divorce. Well, plants, like people, seem to go through life cycles and you can't take it personally. So, if a plant that you get from your neighbors house and you plant it in your yard, doesn't look good, as good in your yard as their yard, I don't take it personally. There's always other plants that you can obtain. And I've known from my experience when I meet someone at someone elses Christmas party and invite them over to my barbecue? A lot of times they don't act like the same people that I met the year before. So. Never compare your garden to any other persons garden. And you have the right to kick out any plants or any people that are at your house that you don't want there anymore because their being rude and invasive and they're pushing people around. You can 86 anybody. So remember, when you plant your flower garden it's all about you. What you like. The colors, the sections. Everything else. In the next seciton we'll make our conclusion on flower gardening.