How to Grow Amethyst Flower (Browallia Speciosa)

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Amethyst flowers, or browallia speciosa, grow well in warmer climates and need to be reseeded every year after dying in the winter. Plant amethyst flowers, which make very pretty bedding plants, with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to learn all about how to grow Browallia, it's a beautiful plant from South America. Now Browallia or the bush violet is native to the tropical parts of South America. So the southern part of South America is pretty cold. So they don't grow very well to the southern part of then continent but in the warmer areas they do really well. So there's six different species of these bushy annuals and they have evergreen perennials as well. And they are densely foliage with a compact habit soft stems and simple strongly veined deep green leaves. The flowers are really bright blue purple and white and they are actually related to nicotianna and that's always amazing me. So they have a nice fragrance as well. So there are different types of Browallia, there's annuals and then there is a perennial. So the annual variety is called Browallia Americana. And it makes a bushy plant of up to twenty four inches tall in the summer through the early autumn it bares really beautiful wide flowers. And their colors range from intense blue through violet and white. It makes a good garden plant or basket plant and it grows really well outdoors. And there is two different varieties, there's Vanya which is a deep blue flowers with wide eyes and white bells. So they are only good from zones nine to eleven. So you have to reseed them every year if you live in a colder climate. And even if you live in a warmer climate on the American you need to start them very year as a seed. But then there's a speciosa which is a Browallia which is a perennial and it gets up to thirty inches tall and it is comes in purples and whites and all different colors but it's only zoned nine to eleven. So you'd have to bring it inside in the winter as the rooted inside in the winter if you live in a colder climate and just put it outside again in the fall. But Browallia is a beautiful annual like a bedding plant the gorgeous, gorgeous flowers. It's a beautiful addition to your garden.