Where to Find Heirloom Seeds

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Check out heirloom seeds at these places to begin working with traditional gardening and seed families. Learn about finding heirloom seeds and getting into seed saving from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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So maybe by now you're interested in heirloom seeds; hopefully you are. Where do you find them? Well, seeds are like seeds are like looking for love. When you start looking, they're everywhere. You can start with some of your older friends, people with interesting ethnic backgrounds. Many times, people from Cambodia have brought interesting things from Asia, and Mexican people bring their favorite seeds from Mexico. In fact, the heirloom seeds are all historical, and and full of stories from their origins. Maybe they were saved by some tribe, or some immigrant, who brought them to America, and now they've been native adapted. If you don't have any heirloom seeds already in your in your seed bank, here's two of my favorite catalogs, which are very well stocked with some heirloom seeds; Fedco out of Maine, and Baker Creek. Baker Creek only sells heirlooms. In fact, this fellow travels all over the world, gathering heirloom seeds from various places in various continents. Where else can you find heirloom seed? Seed swaps, seed swaps. There's a tremendous movement of people like us who love these heirloom varieties, and who have been saving them, and are now really interested in sharing them. There are seed saving organizations. You can Google seed savers on the web. There are so many organizations, and banks that I won't mention them, but you will you will find if you look. The best, of course, is to save your own, but once you start looking for seeds you'll find that they are everywhere.