How to Clean and Store Gardening Tools for the Winter

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Garden tools can be cleaned and stored for the winter using a wire brush and a little oil to prevent rusting. Clean and store gardening tools for the winter with tips from a landscaper in this free video on gardening and lawn care. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Talk to you a little bit now about how to prepare garden tools for the Winter. Not going to be using them anymore for a while, and you're going to put them up. The best thing to do, and in this case, we're using the hoe, but you want to do this with your shovels, your rakes, and everything that you have. You want to clean it off really good, using a wire brush, and then of course, after you use the wire brush, you want to wipe it off, make sure everything is clean. And, then to protect it, want to use a little bit of oil, a few drops, and then you want to rub it with a towel, you don't want to wipe the oil off so much, as you want to spread it around, and put it on there, that will keep them from rusting and becoming horrible by the time you use them next Spring. Like I say, this is something that you want to do with your shovels, all of your different hoes, picks, and digging tools especially. One other thing that you may want to try is sharpening them with a file, or you can wait and do this in the Spring before you use them.