Materials & Supplies Needed to Begin the Gardening Project

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How to decide on supplies and materials for the planting of azaleas explained by a horticulturist in this free botany video. View Video Transcript

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Jose Zuniga

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am a professional gardener and today I am representing I am only to guide you on the tools that are necessary for this project. One thing that we need since we are going to be digging some holes is definitely a shuffle. This particular one is a pointed one. Also, I would suggest that we have a smaller shuffle just in case we need it when we round up the hole. We definitely need mulch. Mulch is needed necessary to maintain the moisture throughout the year for the plant. I am also going to show you a short cut on how we can recycle into mulch, so we will talk about that a little bit later on. We definitely need some nails. I’ll talk and explain to you more about why we need some nails. Acid is very important in this project because as you know Azalea’s are acid lovers. I am going to show you a short cut and inexpensive way of how to have acid. You have it at home already. Yes, believe it or not it is that coffee grinds leftovers, so we can use that or you could just purchase that at the store. Protect your hands; don’t worry, there are always gloves. You can always acquire your gloves, so guys; this is all that we need for this project.