More on Propagating Cuttings for Growing Alligator Jaw Plants

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More on how to propagate Alligator Jaw plants from leaf cuttings; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own plants and herbs in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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This leaf right here you can see the little hang down growths right here by the bottom side of the serration, those will all become little plants just like this. So this leaf is going to make dozens and this one above it will make dozens of these little plants given time and you can just propagate this one after another. The neighbor can fill up with these things in a hurry because it is nothing to propagation and it grows wild if you give it a chance and it gets loose in a flower bed, it can almost make a ground cover. It can grow probably a couple of feet tall and it will get so solid that it can make like a ground cover to or a foundation planting. It does freeze back in the winter time if it does get cold enough. On the south side of my house, it has made it several years if it doesn't get very cold. The colder weather will kill it right back to its roots. In other words, kill it dead but a lot of times the little plantlets will be laying in there in the vegetation and stuff in your flower bed that went dormant from the year before and they will come back next spring. So just because your big plants are dead, it doesn't mean that you are through with this plant and it will come back from a lot of different mechanisms. It is one of the toughest plants around.