Planting Mountain Laurels in Soil

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When planting mountain laurels in soil, simply press the seed pod halfway down into the soil, leaving the top half exposed until it has germinated. Start this plant from the seed, which resides within a husk, with help from the owner of a feed and farm... View Video Transcript

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Mountain laurels come out the plant off the tree in a seed pod like this the little red seed is contained inside of this husk. So we're going to just what mother nature would do, we're basically just half way push them into the soil. This one has two of them in it but that is how we're going to do it. We are going to push them so half of the seed pod is covered by soil. The other half is exposed to the surface. In case that is the direction that the spout needs to come out of, I'm going to put several in here so when they germinate I can pick out the ones easily separate them as seedlings and not have to use a pot for every seed which gets to get expensive and also has time consuming. So this is how I'm going to plant them, we're going to push them down so they are half way in the ground and plant them the way mother nature tended them to be planted.