Watering Organic Lettuce Seeds

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Watering Organic Lettuce Seeds - Provided by eHow
It's important to water organic lettuce seeds consistently in order to help them germinate. Learn some helpful tips for watering lettuce seeds from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright now that we have covered and planted the seed, we have covered the seed, now it is important that if it is not raining and we have it coordinated with the rain coming so it can keep it wet, we want to make sure we water it in. So here, we are going to slowly water on top this Remake, the seeds right underneath, we are creating a nice little sandwich here, between the dirt and the Remake and between is the seeds. I want to make sure we water it in really good, what you will be doing, is everyday in the morning and evening for three or four days, you want to come water this, this will help bring the seeds up. They should germinate in to two to three days, as long as you water it and keep it nice and moist. You will be very surprised to see that these will come up real quick. We are putting in a whole bucket of water.