Organic Lettuce Garden Bed Preparation

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A good organic lettuce garden bed should include loose dirt and no weeds. Learn to prepare your garden bed from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright. Now, we're still preparing this bed, and this is so that we can get the dirt nice and loose, break it up, get rid of any weeds that might be in the way. Oh, here we have a strawberry plant. We're going to replant that sometime, so we'll put that back here. Then, once we have shoveled out a good section here, we're going to make sure we break it up real good. We want the dirt nice and loose. We want to get it a little uniform here, and we also want to get any weeds out. We got it raked on down here. We'll pick a few of these weeds out and, of course, any rocks that we might find. And there we're about ready to plant our seeds.