Casting the Bench Top Mold for a Concrete Garden Bench

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Cast a bench top mold for a concrete garden bench by first spraying the mold with lubricant. Learn how to cast the bench top mold to make a concrete garden bench in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Now we are ready to cast the concrete inside the mold. We will start with spraying the mold with a lubricant, any cooking spray will do. Keep it at a distance and spray a little bit. That looks good. Too much spray will trap air bubbles so enough to just dust it. Go ahead and scoop the concrete in the center of it. As you see the concrete is starting to settle so we will go ahead and keep adding and don't spread the concrete with the tool, go ahead and let it spread itself by bouncing it. So keep putting more and more concrete inside of it and see the concrete here has set for a minute to a minute and a half and it has started getting crunchy but don't worry. Bouncing the mold pretty much will spread the concrete. We can keep adding more. You don't fill it up all in one shot and this way you don't entrap the air bubbles inside of it. Bounce it. It is like making a cake pretty much but you don't get to eat it and this will last forever I mean literally hundreds of years. Romans introduced us to concrete and we lost it for a while and then we got back into it. More, maybe one or two more scoops, uh oh, the concrete is getting a little bit dry but don't worry. You see how it spreads. Now you can tap it a little but but in the beginning I wanted it to spread slowly. Now you have to keep it on an even surface. This side is going to be the bottom of the mold so don't worry about it and if you bounce it a little bit more the cream in the concrete will come to the surface. That looks like it is ready to set for another 24 hours and we will be ready to unmold it. Next we are going to do the legs.