How Plants Regrow

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Alright, now we have our 2 plants. They've been cut back. We have a huge on the ground of what's been cut, and now we have our plants. Our bridal veil doesn't look too bad. This looks not as pretty. In a couple of weeks you won't even know what happen to it. I'll show you where it's going to regrow. I've cut here. You can see this already has as another little sprout. There's always like another possibility. You can see these teeny tiny little buds on either side of the stem, and it will always regrow. There's a leaf. Surely there's another bud waiting. Here you can see it again. I can break this off and it'll sprout. Here's one a little further along. In a couple of weeks, this plant will look as good as new. This plant, the same thing. Along the leaf it's always going to sprout. You can't really see the buds as well. You can see from a leaf these 2 stems growing. The same thing's going to happen. Here's one further along. If I cut this top off, I have 2 new possibilities of where it's going to grown. Always above the leaf. Give it 2 or 3 weeks. They'll be great.