Adding Gas to Lawn Mowers

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Hi! This is John again, now we are going to be talking about adding fuel to these particular tools. First let us talk about the push mower. This is a four-cycle engine, it will require fuel that should be put in your car; unleaded fuel will work just fine. What you do is, here is the fuel tank here, take the cap off, take and see how much fuel is already in there, we need to add some, add it through just like that. And put the cap back on. Next we have the weed-eater. This is what is called a two-cycle engine. This will require you to add special engine oil to the gallon of gas that you are being using in this weed eater. What you will need to do is get a container that is labeled one gallon mix and this is for two cycle engines, never ever run standard gas in this particular model without engine oil; it can burn up your engine. What you can do is take this container, empty it all into gallon of gas, put the cap back on, start it up, slosh it around a little bit. Now you are ready to ass it to the weedeater. This is a four-cycle engine. It is like the push mower simply it is quite a bit larger. Use the gas tank which you have here, take a look inside, see how much gas that you have. In this case we need to add some. Just add it, how ever much you need to put in there, put the cap back on, put the hood down and now you are ready to mow.