Remove the Blade of a Lawn Mower

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Removing the blade of a lawn mower is an important part of maintenance, get expert tips and advice on lawn mower repair & maintenance in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Peter Gutwein and today we’re looking at some basic lawnmower maintenance and the next thing we’re going to look at is removing your lawnmower blade, so something that seems simple but can sometimes be kind of a pain. First thing you got to do is tip the mower over, some basic things about that is you always want to tip it over away from the air filter. On this mower it’s on this air filter is on this side, the reason why you want to do that is so that the oil doesn’t flow into the carburetor and then onto your air filter and then you ruin your air filter and everything else. So this mower we’re going to tip it over to the left so we can go ahead and do that here. Okay there you, there’s your basic lawnmower underside there. You got your blade and your deck and everything else, so what we’re going to do is go ahead and remove the blade. The best way to do that without using air tools or some sort like that is to get some kind of piece of wood, a 2x4 or something short and what you can do is you can put it in there and then you can jam the blade up against there. What that does is gives you some leverage so that the blade doesn’t just turn around in circles while you do that. So here we go, go ahead and get your tool on there and you just take her off and there is your blade and that’s how to remove a lawnmower blade from your mower.