Tips for Planting Spinach

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Planting spinach is a great way to enhance your vegetable garden. Get tips for growing spinach in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hello everyone, I'm David Rodriquez, Extension Horticulturist with Texas AgriLife Extension Service. On behalf of Expert Village, we're going to show you some cool season vegetables that you can plant in late winter so you can have some real nice delicious spring harvest. Spinach is a very popular and most importantly very nutritious vegetable, very easy to grow. If you've never tasted fresh spinach from your garden compared to what you buy at the grocery store or even yet from a can, you will always want to plant spinach. We've had this spinach planted in a raised bed, very good garden mix that has a lot of rich compost in it. We know where our water source is at, so we're planting the plants directly again in those little irrigated areas. And then again in about two weeks we'll come back and get some fertilizer nineteen, five, nine, eighteen, six, twelve, and we'll put some fertilizer right on the side of these plants and then we'll water in it real well.