Testing the Soil for Gardenias

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Hello! This is Jose Zuniga and I representin expertvillage.com. Well we've got to the point that we nned to check our PH level on our soil. Remember if you planted your gardenias near sidewalks, driveways and home foundations, the PH levels are going to be way up there and we want to reduce the PH level. Too much of it is definitely going to kill our Gardenias. Remember one rule, stay away from the sidewalk, the driveway and of course, the home foundation because the PH level is going to be out there. It is going to destroy the plant and not only that, it is going to delay the growth. Delaying the growth equals dead plant. One way of us checking the PH level is basically real simple. Get a small shovel, get a clean bag, ziploc bag or just a clear bag that hasn't been contaminated, dig for a little bit of soil; there we go, one more. Aso before you take it to the store, be sure to remove any weeds. Take it as clean as possible to the store. Any rocks, perfect! Take it to the store. It is going to take about 10 minutes to check for PH levels. At that point, they are going to tell you the PH levels for Gardenias need to be between 5.0 and 6.5. In the event that it is too high in PH level, you are going to have to buy a product most likely sulfur or whatever product they guide you to. Be sure that you have two different locations where you are going to be planting your Gardenias. You are going to need to leave the bags of soil samples. Now if the PH level is too low, simple. Get some coffee grinds. Add it to the soil. It is going to hike up the PH level. Another secret use those rustic nails on the soil and it will take care of the matter. This is how we test for PH levels for planting of gardenias. Come on, let's tackle the project.