What are Lawn Mower Starter Pawls?

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Hi, this section is on starter pawls and you know how the starter clutch has internal ball bearings that grab and turn the flywheel, this is an external pawl which usually will come out of the starter, engage a section of the cup that's attached to the flywheel and then turn the flywheel that way. I want to show you three different styles but basically all pawl type starters are exactly the same and when you look at them, you'll be able to determine how they work and how to repair them. Here's one that has an external pawl here held on by a little clip. When you pull it, it comes out, engages and then goes back in when you let go of it. Same thing here. The pawl when you pull it, the pawl comes out. Actually I've loosened this so the pawl is not coming out. There. Pawl comes out and I'm going to show you in a minute why they come out. It goes back in. Exactly the same thing on the third one. Pawl comes out, release it, pawls goes back in. In each one of these cases, the pawl is only there to go out, engage the cup and turn the flywheel to start the engine.