Variations of Lawn Mower Starters

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All lawn mower starters are very similar, but some have small differences. Find out what these differences are in this free video. View Video Transcript

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I just want to show you that even though all starters are basically the same, there are so many different variations of starters. This is just one drawer of the different pulleys, springs. This is one of the ones I was telling you about has the pre-loaded double spring. This is the spring, this turns and then when it reaches a certain level, it engages. Here's another starter spring for a little weed eater. This is a starter pawl for a Lawn Boy lawnmower. There's a friction spring goes on here and it rides back and forth on a shaft. There's starter pawl caps, there's starter. Each starter has a different thing, so if you go to a lawnmower shop to get your parts, be sure to have the model and type and make of your starter or of your machine so that he can give you the right parts. Its not enough to go in and say well I have a weed eater with a starter. There's a pulley that is obsolete for an old McColugh starter had different kind of pulley on it. Here's another whole drawer down here of starter parts. These are the little bumpers that go on certain things. Here's a big old gear that goes into a Tecumseh starter. Here's different kinds of pulleys, different size holes. Friction plates, little pulleys that the ropes go over. All these are different starter parts that make it very interesting to repair a starter. But if you remember the basics, you'll be able to figure out how to fix your starter and here is even some more. The spring goes inside this cup and drives this gear into the flywheel and it comes with the rope and the friction spring like I explained to you earlier. And here's a bunch of more starter pulleys and starter springs. Large starter parts down here, cups, springs, pulleys as I showed you before and different kinds of starter spring. So there are different types of starter spring for virtually every kind of equipment.