How to Repel Stink Bugs Off of Tomato Plants

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To repel stink bugs from tomato plants, plant marigolds, chrysanthemums, garlic and lavender around the tomato garden, spray the bugs with a water and fragrant oil mixture and keep the tomatoes hosed down on a regular basis. Keep stink bugs off of tomato... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment we're going to talk about how to keep stink bugs off of tomato plants. Now stink bugs come in all different colors, there's oranges and reds and blacks, and they look like a little armor, a little shield their body shape. And they put off a really stinky odor. And that's to protect themselves from all types of animals or other bugs that eat them. So when they're in your garden or you step on one they put out this terrible odor. And so to repel yourself from stink bugs or repel your tomato's from stink bugs there's a few trick that you can use. First of all what I like to do is plant companion plants with your tomato's. So whether it's marigolds, chrysanthemums, garlic plants, lavender, thyme, Spearmint. Any plants that ward off stink bugs or other bugs in with your tomato's is always a good bet because a lot of times the bugs won't get in further into your tomato's if they're surrounded by the plants that they don't like. So that's probably the first thing that you can do. And if you do see stink bugs in your tomato's an easy way to get rid of them is just o make a spray using vegetable oil or olive oil or lavender oil, any type of oil and mix it half oil half water in a spray bottle and just spray your tomato plant down with that. And that will many times kill the stink bug. But even before doing that I always recommend using just fresh water, because if you've got bugs on your plant whether it's tomato plants or any other plant, if you just wash it down everyday for a week you'll find that you'll wash away most of the bugs and you won't have to use anything else. So first wash your tomato plants off with water and you'll wash the stink bugs right off. And if you do that for a few days straight and you still see stink bugs then just get a little bit of oil and water, and spray down your tomato plants with that. And that seems to help too. And you can always use sprinkles; you can always sprinkle cayenne pepper, red hot chili pepper, Tabasco or salt around your plant too, not too much though, a little bit. And that will a lot of times ward off the bugs as well.