Riding Lawn Mower Maintenance

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Hi, this is John for Expert Village. Here is a scenario when you are out cutting your lawn with your riding lawnmower. All of a sudden it dies on you, it could be two things possibly: one you may have no gas in your gas tank, two it could be possibly your battery. Let’s check out the gas first and see what it might be. Lift up the hood, unscrew the cap and it appears that we have gas in there. The next scenario is that it is possibly the battery and what you will need to do now is put it in neutral and push it back to where you can get an a/c power source where we can recharge the battery. Now we have got the lawnmower back to an available a/c source ready to use and test with the battery charger. I am going to lift the seat and get to the battery, put the red connector on the red pole and put the other connector on the negative. And we are going to do a test and as you can see there it is, charging is 60 percent and it will fluctuate back and forth. This is putting some charge back into the battery so that we will not have any trouble cranking it and keeping it going.