Watering Plants Properly

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Watering plants properly depends on the species, but consistently keeping the soil damp is an efficient way to keep plants thriving without wasting water. Keep plants moist, trying not to flood them with too much wasted water, with tips from a... View Video Transcript

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I'm going to show you how to water properly. All plants need water. Some plants are more drought tolerant than others, which basically means that they don't....they'll survive extremely hot conditions. Plants that do need more water, try and water them from your wood spots, or from water that you've siphoned off from your bath or your washing up water. Plants in pots definitely do dry out quicker, the rain just doesn't reach them in the same way. And so you do need to be very vigilant not to let those dry out, or else they will die. The basic principle is to water enough, but not too much so that the water floods right out through the bottom of the pot. You don't want to water it so much that it floods right out of the bottom, because that basically just wastes water. The water will just flood through pots that are very dry, so the idea is just to try and keep the soil in your pots at least slightly damp, because watering damp soil is much more water efficient than watering wet soil. And that is apparently so simple, it can actually be quite fiddly to get it right, so that you don't waste water. And that's how you water plants.