Mixing Potting Soil for Gardenias

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Hello my name Jose Zuniga, I'm representing expertvillage.com. You know we got to the point now that we have to mix our potting soil. Yes you can buy it directly from the store ready to go but I don't like to do that I like to make my own potting soil. Especially working with gardenias they love that acid so let's start working. So I do have my coffee grains right here with me we are going to start by adding you know start in a small bucket, mix as you go. It is better to mix as you go if you have left overs cause what are going to do with that? You are not going to be able to use it with other stuff because everything is mixed up. Your top soil is specifically for that plant. Okay what we are going to need is just your regular top soil. Some people prefer organic which is good to do that. So you want to fill the container half way here we go with potting soil. Now remember they love that acid so what are we going to add to it? Coffee is perfect for this, well for one it is going to maintain the moisture of the roots for gardenias which is going to help that which is perfect. Also it is going to retain the coffee, all of that acid is going to stay there so it won't wash away. Just mix it and remember those Christmas wreaths they are going to come in handy as well cause it would help maintain the moisture as well. Just play with it and have fun. Add more coffee grains, there we go it is perfect. One more leaf and then basically what you are going to do this is how you are going to be preparing your potting soil for you gardenias it is very critical that you do that. Acid is so important otherwise the plant is going to delay on its growth, the roots are not going to grow properly, and it goes to a dead plant and you don't want to do that this is a great investment if you do it. This is how we prepare top soil for gardenias.