What Do Plants Breathe?

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Plants breathe through a process called photosynthesis, where chlorophyll absorbs energy and transforms carbon dioxide and watering into energy and oxygen. Find out why people need plants to breathe with information from a sustainable gardener in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about, how do plants breathe. Well it seems they're like a mystery too. They don't have lungs, they don't breathe like humans do. So actually how do plants breathe? Well they don't actively breathe like we do. They use a process of respiration. So what happens is they need a few elements to breathe just like we do. They need sunlight, they need fresh air. So as humans we get vitamin D from sunlight and we need that vitamin D to absorb calcium and mineral in to our body. And then we need our carbs for the energy. And then the energy that we don't use we store. So we breathe in oxygen and we breathe out carbon dioxide. But with photosynthesis, the chlorophyll absorbs the energy and it transforms the carbon dioxide and the water in to carbs and oxygen. So we need plants to survive. And especially in offices and areas where there's not a lot of natural oxygen being produced. They're really beneficial.