How to Remove Crabgrass From Gardens

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Removing crabgrass from gardens can be done by pouring boiling hot water over the area, digging it out of the ground or simply laying compost or soil on top of the area and spreading grass seeds. Eliminate unsightly crabgrass from the yard with... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I want to talk about how to remove crabgrass from your garden. Now crabgrass is really a big pain. It looks like your normal grass in your garden but it grows like a crab and outwards. And it will fill in areas and look very unnatural. And it will really take away from your natural grass. So to get rid of it, there's only one way. You could have to boil it with hot water and burn it out. Or you can pull it out or dig it out. But I've found the easiest way to remove crabgrass is to put some potting soil or compost on top of it every spring and every fall and add quite a bit of grass seed into the compost. And that way the compost will create a barrier above that crabgrass. The grass seed will grow and it will cover it up and you'll never know it was there. You do that every Spring and every Fall for a couple of years and you will never have any crabgrass in your garden at all or in your lawn. And if they are in your flower beds, by filling your flower beds with lots of plants, you can crowd them out. And you can just pull them out too as you find them. But it's a lot easier too, I found, is to cover the areas that get kind of weedy with some more soil. And then that way it seems that the crabgrass will die back. And you can plant other bulbs or other plants on top of it. And then you can enjoy that area without crabgrass. It's real easy, as easy as that.