Planting House Plants - Part 1

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Now I have my 2 plants here. I got my 2 pots. My plant has been washed out and cleaned and I've added some pot chards in here. I'm going to also add some soil to the small pot. My roots aren't that big, so I can probably fill it a little more. I didn’t' pack the soil down too tight because roots need air. I'm just going to stick this in. I'm going to have to find a way to anchor these. Because they don't really have big roots on them, I think I need to get a stake to stake this plant. We planted this plant but it's a little unsteady. If I let it go it's going to flop over. I'm going to add some stakes, bamboo stakes, some twist ties. I don't want to make the twist ties too tight, but I don't want it to fall over either. We'll just stake some of the taller ones up. Once the plant is growing on its own, we can take these stakes out.