Resources for Growing Carnivorous Pitcher Plants

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Resources for growing carnivorous pitcher plants can be good or bad, learn which is which with expert tips on North American Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia) in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Wes on behalf of and in this video segment, I am going to talk to you about some references to us for sarracenias. If you want to know more about carnivorous plants, you can visit us at So here I have several different books and these are very useful for identifying sarracenias and also for tips on growing them. Right here we have the carnivorous plants. This is by Donald Schnell and this is an excellent field guide for identifying Carnivorous Plants in North America. This is the field guide that I particularly use when I am out in the field looking for sarracenias in particular. Some of them can be very difficult to identify and this book has a lot of really good illustrations and photographs for identifying different species of sarracenia. Here we have an excellent book. This is Savage Garden and this book is by Peter Demado and this book is primarily about cultivating your carnivorous plants. This will have all the specific growing tips and it will address any specific questions you have about growing your sarracenias. This book right here the Carnivorous Plants by Francis Lloyd is one of the classic books on carnivorous plants. This was published a long time ago in 1942 but it still remains one of the best sources for information and especially biology of carnivorous plants. Here we’ve got another good reference book The Carnivorous Plants by Adrian Slack. This has a lot of large full sized photographs that are nice for identifying carnivorous plants. All of these books will have a lot of information about sarracenias which is why we brought them out but another book we don’t have here is the book called Growing Carnivorous Plants and it is by Barry Rice. It should be available in September 2006 which it should be available by the time this video is up on the Internet.