Planting House Plants - Part 2

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They don't have to be tight. Just so that they don't fall over. There we have the first plant, and then back to this one. Get the roots all loosened up. We set it on top of the soil that we have in. Now I'm going to add some soil all around. I'm going to add it in. Turning the pot. I'm getting the soil on the sides so it doesn't end up being crooked or uneven. Try not to get too much soil on the top. I want the level of the soil to be kind of level from where it was before. I don't want to bury this plant. If I need to, I can lift up a little. A little more. Again, I'm going to turn. It's kind of a messy project. Best done outside. Just pack it down a little bit. I don't want to get it too tight, but just secure it so it doesn't fall over on me or else we'll have to stake this one too. We shouldn't have to. I got a little too much soil on top. Here we go. Pretty good. Maybe I'll put one stake in here because this one's going a little...till it's rooted. I think it looks pretty nice. Alright.