How to Rid Your Garden of Toads

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Rid your garden of toads by clearing off the clutter of leaves and debris, and getting rid of any water sources that attract toads. Consider allowing toads to stay in a garden, as they control more damaging insect pets, with information from the owner of... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jim Harman, California pest management. We're here today to talk about toad control. How do you get toads to leave your garden? Well first off, if they're already there, remember they're very good at your pest control for you. They will feed on all those nasty crickets and ear wigs and other insects that are in the ground and around the landscape, so help keep your house pest free. But if you want to get rid of them, here are a few tricks. First off, get rid of all the clutter. They like this kind of ground coverage. Nice and dense. And they'll hide in that. It keeps 'em nice and moist. Now any sources of water, especially those that are ground level, or pretty close like this little pond here on the patio. They like this and they need this moisture so just remember, this, by eliminating this type of moisture source, you can help control your toads, and also take care of mosquito control problems. Good luck.