Growing Corsican Mint

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Corsican Mint is fragrant herb that you can grow in a rock garden or in your own herb garden. Learn how to grow Corsican Mint in your herb garden in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb". You know, one of the plants that you might use in a rock garden, would be Corsican Mint. Now you say, "Why?", well, it's going to have a nice little fragrance if you walk around it. If you break a few leaves, well, it doesn't matter, the plant comes back from it. The Corsican Mint probably does best in full sun to partial shade. It also needs a good deal of water, as most of the mint family does. This is a tiny, little-leafed plant, and you can see, it you have like a walkway, many areas where you've got rocks or we've got stones that have been kind of put together, and you've got maybe sand holding the rocks or stones together in your walkway, you can see how this would make a nice addition to that particular situation. The Corsican Mint can be used, of course for it's mint flavor, but it's mostly used as an ornamental or as a ground cover. But, you can kind of get double duty; you can break off a small little piece, use it in your tea, or in a little bit of cooking. But it also, of course, makes a nice addition just as a landscape ornamental. If you want something that's going to be nice little walkway plant, something that kind of transcends into one area from another, the Corsican Mint might be a good choice for you. For On Gardening, I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb".