How to Winterize Fruit Trees

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How to Winterize Fruit Trees - Provided by eHow
Winterizing a fruit tree includes wrapping the trunk, protecting the feeder roots with mulch, minimizing its water intake and stop fertilizing the tree earlier in the season. Prepare and protect a fruit tree for the winter with gardening information from... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Charles Boning, author of Florida's Best Fruiting Plants. We're at Jene's Tropicals in Saint Petersburg, Florida and I want to talk to you briefly about winterizing fruit trees. When you winterize a fruit tree, the number one thing you want to do is protect the trunk and the tender feeder roots. And by doing that what I suggest is, if you have a tree that's subject to cold injury, that you wrap the trunk. And there's various products that are distributed for that but what you want to do is protect the graft union. You should also use a thick bed of mulch to protect the tender feeder roots towards the top surface of the soil. In addition, you don't want to plant plants that are not properly suited to the region in which you're growing them. Other aspects you should consider are number one, cutting off fertilization at an early juncture before the approach of cold weather so that new growth is as stimulated. In addition, you shouldn't water very often during the winter. You should minimize watering to only periods of drought or necessary waterings. Because fruit trees simply can't absorb extensive waterings when they're in their dormant phase. This can hurt or severely cripple or even kill a fruit tree. So, keep fruit trees well wrapped, cut off watering early, cut off fertilization early your fruit trees should get through the winter just fine. I'm Charles Boning and that's how to winterize a fruit tree.