How to Plant Plum Trees

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Planting plum trees can be done by starting with a container grown tree, planting a bare-rooted tree, growing from a seed or planting from cuttings. Find out how to best plant a plum tree with gardening information from a Florida plant enthusiast in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Charles Boning, author of "Best...Florida's Best Fruiting Plants." We're here at Jene's nursery and I'm going to talk briefly about how to plant a plum tree. Plums have, come in several different formats. One is, they come container grown, such as the tree beside me, and they are easy to plant. They can be planted at any time of the year, and it's just a simply a matter of digging a hole and not planting a tree any deeper than it's been planted at the nursery. Plum trees are often also sold bare-rooted, which means that the roots are fully exposed. With bare-rooted trees, it's best to soak the roots for twenty-four hours, prior to planting and then to pack the soil down tightly around the roots, and fill in any voids and water it thoroughly. In addition, plums can be grown from seed although with seeds, you're not likely to get quite the same cultivar or quite the same variety, as a cultivar that you the seed came from. Prunes do not duplicate the parent plant exactly when they come from seeds, so there there's several different methods of planting plums. You can plant them from cuttings, you can plant them from container grown plants such as this, you can plant bare-rooted plants, or you can grow them from seed. However, when grown from seed, they will not exactly duplicate the parent plant. You won't get a known cultivar such as this. And that was several different methods of growing plum tr...planting plum trees. I'm I'm Charles Boning and we just talked about several of the different methods there are for planting plum trees.