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Kill crabgrass in the lawn by putting compost and grass seeds in the area of the weeds and allowing the regular grass to take over the crabgrass. Avoid using toxic products that end up in the water supply to kill crabgrass and consider advice from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda from VanveenBulbs.com and in this segment we're going to talk about products that kill crabgrass. Now crabgrass is a little plant that comes up in your beautiful lawn that just kind of takes over and it'll kill your other grass so it's really obnoxious. And it's something that you don't want in your yard. And so how do you get rid of it? So there's lots of different products that you can buy off the shelf and there's lots of different methods that you can use to kill your crabgrass, but in the end my favorite method and the method that's worked the best for me is to put a lot of compost or potting soil over your area that has crabgrass in it and put a ton of grass seed in that area. So what happens, you do that in the spring and the fall, every year and make sure and use perennial grass, the type that will survive the winters in your area and by over seeding your lawn and by adding compost or building above where you have lots of weeds, you will just all the new grass will fill in and the crabgrass won't be the problem. Because you can try and pull that crabgrass out and you can try to boil it by putting hot boiling water on the spots and you can try every single method and you can use chemicals, all types of chemicals, but in the end they just end up in our waterways and they don't end up really helping your lawn. So the easiest way to get rid of crabgrass or any type of dandelions or weeds in your yard, is to over seed it with other grasses. The grass that you want in your yard. So just cover it with compost, add some grass seed and you'll find that the new grass will take over your crabgrass and that's about all you can do because all the chemicals just end up in our waterways and they end up polluting, they create all this havoc for all the plants and animals around us and in the end, all you need to do is over seed and you can get rid of everything else that's in your grass.