Making a Whiskey Barrel Water Garden

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Making a whiskey barrel water garden requires cutting the barrel in half, lining the barrel with thick plastic, putting a water pump and planting water plants directly in the water. Remove plants from a water garden in the winter if there is a risk of... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk about making a whiskey barrel water garden. Water gardens come in every shape and size and pretty much any way that you can create an area with water you can have a water garden. Now whiskey barrels are found everywhere, a lot of wineries and any type of alcohol distillery usually has lots of different types of whiskey barrels and a lot of times you can find some actual antique whiskey barrels and they are really pretty in a nice focal point and it is very easy to make a water garden out of them. So you just cut it in half or usually when you buy them they're cut in half as it is and you just make sure to put a thick plastic type of liner in the bottom any type of pond liner will work and then you just cut it away and leave it in the bottom and you can staple the top but be careful not to put any holes in the bottom of the plastic because eventually the water will come out and then once you have some water in there you can either put a pump in there and have it moving all the time which I would recommend because any time you have still water there is always the risk of mosquitoes and other insects getting into that water that you don't want, you want the water moving but you can also if you leave in an area where you are not worried about mosquitoes you can just leave it without a pump and then you can just plant all types of water hyacinths and water iris and reeds and any type of umbrella plant right into the water and that way you can have your own little water garden and it will be just beautiful and even if you live in the city or you don't have a big yard you can have your own little water garden right on the deck and you can really enjoy it. In the Winter you don't want to let the water freeze altogether so you either turn the pump off or you cover it with plastic or you take all the plants out of the water and put them in pots with soil because you never want your water to freeze solid or you might lost the plants but it's really as easy as that and you can make your own water garden using a whiskey barrel.