Growing Russian Tarragon

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Russian Tarragon is an herb used in soups and as a garnish, and can be grown in your own herb garden. Learn how to grow Russian Tarragon in your herb garden in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. Russian Tarragon is a plant that you might want to have in your herb garden and it can be used for soups. It can also be used for garnishing different dishes. Russian Tarragon probably does best in near full sun to partial shade. Like most of the herbs you want to keep it a bit on the dry side but don't over do that dry side. In other words every third or fourth day you want to make sure it is not totally drying out. You might use your little finger and kind of test that soil. If it is getting too dry, well you need to get out the watering can and give it a bit of water. If you start getting browning on the tips of the leaves well you know you have probably given it too little water so make sure you increase that water a bit if it starts getting a burned edge of the tip or the side of the leaf. The Russian Tarragon probably likes to be fertilized about every three or four weeks if you are using a water soluble and if not make sure it does get a good fertilization on a pretty regular basis. There are some time released fertilizers that many of the herb growers use as well. Make sure it has a good amount of peat, pearl light and some sand so it drains well. Russian Tarragon will make a nice addition to many of your soups and palate and garden as well. For "On Gardening" I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.