Watering For Growing Alligator Jaw Plants

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Okay we are back with the succulents, the propagation of the alligator jaw. I've got some what you might be called juveniles, these are probably about 30 days old that were once upon a time, little tiny cuttings like this. In order to keep these things growing or get them to root down, you are going to have to keep it moist but not wet. Just as long as the soil appears to be damp, these little things are going to put out the roots that they need because they've got a considerable amount of energy stored in little moist leaves that they have on them. When you pick them off the plant. In 30 days, you will have probably growth like this as little plants at this stage, they will need very little care. They will be able to go for a fair period without moisture at all. But when they get completely dry, they will start to shrivel up and you will be able to tell. Most people if they are watering once a week is plenty for these things and you don't even have to water them so that they are saturated. Just a little water over the top will do it for these.