Mulch Ingredients & Blueberries

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Pine needles are a great mulch source to use in for gardening blueberries. Learn some mulching tips from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Ok, let's talk about some of the ingredients we're going to need for planting these blueberries. Here we have pine mulch. This pine mulch is a great amendment to use around your blueberry bushes. It's, as it breaks down it releases an acidic type material into the ground, which blueberries love. Another great mulch is our trusty pine needles, very sustainable. Lots of pine trees around here so all we have to do is rake up these pine needles once in awhile and keep gathering them up until we get plenty and put them around our bushes. Another type of mulch that we're going to use today is what they call sphagnum moss and this is, comes from Canada. I'm not quite sure where it grows or how they get it or what it, what the, what the is all about. All I know is that it's great stuff for around blueberries because it's highly acidic, which is what we're trying to create is an acidic environment for the blueberries to grow in.