Picking Leaves for Organic Compost

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Leaves are a great material to enhance your organic compost pile. Learn more about using leaves to create organic compost from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Ok, now we're going to be talking about the leafy pile. Like I said before, we've taken the rake and we've gone all fall long and we rake leaves. We've raked leaves and raked leaves and put them in a pile. We weren't making the compost pile at the time, but we were anticipating the spring coming and knowing that we're going to be using these leaves in the pile and leaves are great source of carbon and food for the microorganisms. And leaves break down really nice and add a lot of loose material to the compost pile to make it a very juicy and enhances the pile and there's even several shells in here and snail shells and all kinds of things for the microorganisms to move into and enjoy.