Transplanting Vegetables: Overlap Crops

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Overlapping crops in the greenhouse soil can help produce more full-grown crops by transplanting vegetables in closer succession. Plant crops in rolling succession with a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on mass propagation of food... View Video Transcript

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Now to achieve this rolling succession of harvests all year round, four season harvest, season after season, you have to have a rolling admissions. In other words, before one crop is finished, we want to be thinking about what's coming next. In this case we had our early seasons cilantro, salads, garlic, greens and spinach all in here. But they're finishing up. If we were to wait for them to finish, we would lose valuable time. What we're going to do today is, we're going to take these beautiful climbing beans, which have been planned to be the next succession, the next crop in here, and we're going to start tucking them into the bed, even though the previous crop hasn't finished. Now most people don't transplant pole beans, but if you do it real carefully, if you peel the plants apart real carefully, and you tuck 'em into a nice, moist hoop house like we have here, chances are you're going to succeed. And even if a few of these don't make it, enough will make it so that this whole wall will grow into a huge arbor of delicious string beans. We'll be mixing five types of string beans, including the ones from the Kingdom of Bhutan, into this wall. And you could walk from here and pick purple, striped, yellow and polka-dotted string beans for your lunch.