Blueberry Gardening Tools

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A spade shovel is a useful gardening tool for growing blueberries. Learn more about tools you can use from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, first thing we're going to use is talk about the tools that we're going to need to plant these blueberry bushes. Here we're going to use the spade shovel and this shovel here, you notice it's not a wood handle; it's a shovel that's guaranteed for life. I've gone through lots of shovels; they always break, right down here by the handle and we want to make sure we have a good strong shovel when you get one so it'll last you your lifetime. Keep the receipt, they'll replace it. Here I have a digging iron and we're in Tennessee here, and we don't have much topsoil. So some people, when they plant their trees, could just use a shovel and that's all they'll probably need. But here in Tennessee, we don't go very far down and we hit some really hard ground so we need the digging iron so we can bust that ground up. Another tool, for some people, who have really nice soil, could use a post hole digger, which is used for digging posts but in this case, they're great for digging up blueberry bushes. You only need a small hole, but unfortunately that's about as far down as I can go with this, with this post hole digger, but for some people this would be a great tool to use.