How to Keep a Dozen Red Roses Fresh

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Keep a dozen red roses fresh by trimming them under water, changing the water every few days and keeping them in a cool room. Prune cut red roses to keep them looking fresher for longer with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video flowers. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about how to keep a dozen roses fresh. Now anyone that has received a dozen roses knows the feeling that you get when you smell them and they are just so beautiful and it is just such a treat to get flowers but once you have them in your house the question is how do I make them last longer? Well there is a few tricks that you can use to get your roses to last a little bit longer. So the first thing that I do when I get the roses is I make sure and change out the water every two to three days and give them fresh water. You can add bleach, you can add aspirin but all that is doing is making the water stop from going bad and slimy. So if you actually change out the water and give them fresh water in the end that is what the roses want. Another trick too with roses is cut them under the water so fill the dish with water and actually cut the stems one or two inches underneath the water and that way the roses will soak up the water up to here and even though you take them out of the water and put them in the vase they have still got water in the stem and not air and they seem to last a lot longer that way. I always kind of look through my roses too and I clean them up so a lot of times they won't look good but if you notice it is just a few petals so if you just pull off the couple of the petals that are turning brown you'll notice that you still can get a lot of time out of them, one or two more weeks. I have already had these a week so for roses that is pretty good in the middle of Winter and they seem to last a lot longer that way. I notice too here and there I get a droopy rose and a lot of times this happens because the roses have been in a cooler for a long time and as soon as they get into the warm air they don't really soak up water or anything they just droop. A lot of times when they are shipped in from South America you will get a lot of droopy ones so you can try to cut the stems and you can try to freshen them up but a lot of times once they droop that is it, they're gone so the most important thing that you can do is actually cool them when you are gone so find the coolest room in your house or even outside if it is it's the Winter time but don't let them freeze. So if it is a warm Summer day and the house is really warm but the basement is cool then keep them down in the basement when you are at work or if it is the Winter time and the house is a little bit warm but outside it is not freezing yet it is still cool then put them out on your deck or just under the eves or somewhere where they can stay cool because it is just like putting them in a cooler and that way a lot of times you can get one to two weeks more out of them just by keeping them cool when you are not around and then just put them back in the house when you get home and that way you can enjoy them for a longer period of time.