Transplanting Vegetables: Lettuce

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Transplanting lettuce can involve splitting the young vegetables and helping them spread in planters before moving them outdoors. Transplant lettuce with a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on mass propagation of food crop seedlings. View Video Transcript

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We custom mix our own lettuce seed, it saves a lot of time and it really doesn't matter if you remember all the exotic names of the lettuce, because each and everyone is more colorful, and beautiful, and tasty than the next. So we grow little clumps of lettuce, this is a small clump, sometimes we'll grow a huge tub of it. But even a small clump, represents when it's grown out in heads, a lot of salad. So you can see that those roots have reached their maximum, and they're looking for some place to go. So what we're going to do here, is use this multiple tray, multi sell tray, sometimes you can fill it first, or you can put the plant in first, but today we'll show you just one methodology. I'll use a little pop stick to just open up the soil. It helps to have some nice music playing, you can get into it and do a couple thousands of these at a spell. And then we peel apart the nice baby lettuces. Again, you see they come apart, with a beautiful, well developed root system. They're going to flourish, take root, and expand rapidly. And it doesn't really even matter that the whole thing is appropriately under ground, as long as the root is tucked in there.