Transplant a Palm Tree in Your Corner Garden

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Transplant a palm in your Corner Garden, property distance, clearing an area to plant, removing grass, and how to prepare the area for a palm garden. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing Well we have to prepare the area where we are going to do our palm garden. What I have done as I told you earlier discussed it with my neighbor we decided that this is the border line between his property and my property. However, I'm also going to give at least foot away from the distance cause it is always easier to add another brick for the border line between his property and your property then remove everything and miss up with your garden. I think that you will notice that right here I have layered all the bricks around it so I only have to clean the area cause there is alot of weeds and grass and I don't have to over work myself. We are only going to clean this area, we are going to start removing all all the grass, any of the weed in between and all we want to see is top soil here. Get all the grass, get all the grass just kind of work on and then remove everything. Then it will be perfect. We do the entire area that is right here on the bricks. Come on guys lets finish the rest of this and this is how we prepare the area for our palm garden.