Tips for Creating a Gardening Plan

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Hi! My name is Allen Watts from Anything Grows, a store for gardeners in Stratford, Ontario. On behalf of, I am happy to speak to you about tips for new gardeners and I've been speaking mainly about garden design and today specifically about a garden plan. For any new gardener or any old gardener making a change, it is always good to have a plan. So all the information you would have assembled in terms of getting to the stage of making a plan, you have information now about how you would like to use your outdoor space, plant material you have seen you may like to incorporate trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, perhaps garden art, garden furniture, work from your wish list and put together a plan now. I recommend using graft paper and starting out with first a scaled drawing of your house, positioning on your lot and then the specifics of your yard and any important variables that may be restrictive with respect to installing or putting in a garden underground cabling, that kind of thing, septics, that sort of thing. So note those on the plan and once you have created that basic plan, I would recommend making many copies of it or using onion skin or something like that so that you are not designing or drawing to come up with the finished plan but you can play. You've got lots of opportunities to come up with different designs, different ways using your same grid or garden space that you are working with. So very important step and we will really help you direct your approach to finally designing and implementing your garden plan.