Make Your Own Flower Arrangement

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Making your own flower arrangements is simple by choosing a vase first to determine the size of the arrangement, grouping various colors, textures and heights, and adding filler greenery to make the flowers pop. Create unique flower arrangements with... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to make your own flower arrangements from making your own flower arrangements. Now flowers come in so many shapes and sizes and pretty much any plant has a flower if it has a bloom time. And so when you're making flower arrangements, there's some simple rules that you can follow and it'll make your arrangements a lot easier. First of all, I always make my arrangements based on the vase so I let the vase tell me what to do because if you have certain flowers that are really large they're going to look funny in a small vase or if they're really small they'll just get lost in a large vase. So I always remember that simple is the best. So when making flower arrangements, don't use too many flowers and make each flower count and that way you can get by with fewer flowers and even prettier show. For example, this vase has a calla lily on the vase itself so it's beautiful to add calla lilies into the arrangement. But there's all different types of flowers that you can add to it as well and I found less is more and still see how that's too large for the arrangement or for the vase? So I wouldn't use a large flower in a small vase. So by just using a few flowers, you'll find in groups of three as well, that it'll be much prettier than using really large flowers. And less is always more. So even by just putting a few flowers together, you can have a beautiful arrangement. And I always use groups of threes because threes always looks the best. And you can add some filler too or even some eucalyptus or any other type of flowers to it, but I found in the end just by having a few smaller flowers they really are beautiful. And again we can add a lot taller flowers but I found that you don't want too much height if you have a small vase and the same as if you have a smaller vase, you only want to use small flowers. So even having a few taller flowers are not going to look good, it's better to cut them down and make them a little smaller. By making flower arrangements very simple, the flowers show and that way you can enjoy your flowers whether they're from your garden or the market for one, two, maybe even three weeks.