Caring for Mexican Sage Cuttings After Planting in Soil

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How to care for Mexican sage cuttings after planting them in soil; get professional tips and advice from an expert on growing your own plants and flowers in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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I'm Travis Steglich with Steglich Farm Supplies and we're talking about the propagation's of salvia leucantha, a Mexican bush sage from cuttings. What I've done is taken some fresh cuttings. This is soft wood cuttings from my salvia plants that I have here and we put a rooting powder which is indolebutyric acid on the cut surfaces we put them in the soil. These plants need to be kept wet but not soaked. They need to have good air circulation but they don't need to be kept so damp that they start growing a mold. There is a gray mold that would just take these things over and we'll take them out. The soil is not sterile so there is a high possibility as a matter a fact 100% probably that these fungi or mold will be present. So in order to come about that you need to keep the plants like I said watered but not saturated and need to be out of direct sunlight. Because the direct sunlight will burn leaves and you won't get roots grown before the leaves burn out.