How to Pick Garden Bird Houses

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How to Pick Garden Bird Houses - Provided by eHow
Birds can add movement and interest to any garden space. Learn how to pick and add garden bird houses in this free garden decoration video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series we're talking about how to make your garden feel more welcoming. Bird houses for me are one of the most important aspects of your garden because you want to welcome your friends but you want to welcome wildlife to your yard too. There are many different shapes and sizes of bird houses and so many options and I kind of just collected bird houses over the years as I find them. You can make simple ones or you can have really fancy bird houses but in the end, you need to have the hole large enough so the birds can get through. I bought bird houses where the holes were too small and you need them to be up high so the cats can't get to them. Pretty much that is all about there is to know about bird houses, You just kind of put them in the areas in between and they kind of become garden art at the same time. Some bird houses that I actually bring in, in the winter time because they might be made out of ceramic or they are a little bit more tender that I don't want them to rot too much in the winter time. Birds don't usually use them in the winter time but they are great for art. In our next segment we'll talk about rocks and how to use them in your garden.