Garden Structure Designs

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Garden structure designs can include fences, walls, gazebos, trellises, a greenhouse, a deck, a storage shed, or an outside patio. Design a garden structure that fits with the style of the environment with help from a professional landscaper in this free... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Garden structure designs. Well that is about as varied as there are people in the United States because a garden structure can be a fence, a wall, a gazebo, a trellis, a greenhouse, a deck, a hot tub/spa, or a storage shed, a garage maybe or a barn type of structure and today people are building outside patios with some cover, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens. There are just a lot of different things that would come under this heading. As far as style is concerned there again that is varied because a lot of that is going to depend upon what part of the country you are in or where you are from and what you like. If you are from the Southwest or the South to the Southwest you are going to like that tile of structure and if you are from New England you are going to like that type of structure, the West Coast, it just varies on the style. Again there is no set answer. I can't tell you exactly what or how to do it because there is that much variance in this subject matter. One book that I would recommend if you could find is this one called "Garden Structures" by Smith and Hawken. It covers everything that we just talked about walls, fences, trellises, sheds, greenhouses, and so forth. Again it may be of a different style and design for what you are looking for but this is a simple project because it comes back to what you need, what you like and then let's don't forget this third thing, what you can afford. So considering your garden structures think of those three things, likes, needs, and cost.