Watering Organic Parsley Seeds

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Watering Organic Parsley Seeds - Provided by eHow
It's important to water organic parsley seeds consistently in order to help them germinate. Learn some helpful tips for watering parsley seeds from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Ok, now that we have the parsley seeds planted and covered. Were going to water them in and we can?t always count on rain. In the middle of Tennessee here we have lots of rain here this spring but were having about four to five to six days of no rain and I want to make sure that these parsley seeds come up. So I am going to water them in really good. This insures that the germination will happen and we will have a successful crop of fresh parsley for the table. In our house we eat lots and lots of parsley. Parsley goes into our pates. Parsley goes into our salads. Parsley goes into crackers that we make. We eat lots and lots of parsley. So we want to make sure it?s watered in really, really good. Now depending on the size of your patch. Depends on how many buckets you want to pull in. OK, there we go that will do it.