How to Make Manure Tea

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Make manure tea by mixing aged manure with water and spreading the water on roses and other perennials. Consider using basic compost from leaf and grass clippings instead of manure tea with advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video on garden... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to make manure tea. Now manure tea is made from aged manure. So usually any farms that have cows or horses, will collect the manure throughout the year and throw it in a pile, and it takes at least six months to two years for it to age, to dry out, and then they'll bag it up and people will buy it from them as manure for compost. And it's great in the garden. But I have a policy in my garden, that no bodily fluids and no body parts. Because there's just not enough proof out there to convince me that it won't be a problem in the future. And so, usually there's all types of diseases that can still remain in any bodily fluids or body parts. So there's no bone meal, there's no manure, there's only compost made from leaf clippings and grass clippings, and maybe some fruits and vegetables that I use for my compost. I never use any bodily fluids. But if you have a farm, or you have someone that has a farm or you want to try manure tea, it is something that works too. And basically it's aged, so there's really no pathogens or nothing dangerous in the soil. But there's still no proof to that. But basically you just add water to the manure, and then what happens is it will make a brown sludge. Wet material. You take that wet water, and you can pour that right onto your plants. Specifically with roses and other perennials. Especially not vegetables, because you turn around and eat the vegetables, and there's really no proof, or those all these scientific studies that are realizing that can be dangerous. But you can use that manure tea on your plants, and then they will thrive and grow even better. But, again, why would you use manure, when you have grass clippings and leaf clippings in your back yard, that are much healthier, and more stable, and something that's not going to remain in your soil for the next thousand years. And something that you can't even burn to remove. Because there's just too much in manure, to risk putting it in your garden.